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Electric scooter

Posted by jllade on June 15, 2006

CB-370.jpgTop of the line electric scooter, model CB370, 500W high speed gear motor, 36V 12Ah battery, 45 km range, $1200


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The folding electric bike

Posted by jllade on June 15, 2006

cb-312.jpgThis is the compact CB312 with quick folding mechanism, 260W high speed gear motor, 24V 9Ah battery, 20 km range, $750

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bike of the week – $590

Posted by jllade on June 7, 2006

CPL10The Peerless CPL10 36V, 240W, intelligent motor, use power of the motor or pedal or both. only $590 for a limited time, brand new, 1 year warranty

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Benefits of electric bikes

Posted by jllade on May 18, 2006

No gas to buy ever!

No exhaust emissions or pollution, good for the environment

Categorized by govt as bike, do not need license or insurance

Use bikes lanes, go around traffic jams

Free and easy parking anywhere

They are fun

Freedom, see nature and smell the roses

Pedal and it’s great exercise, good for your health

Get tired? Hills? Turn the throttle and use the motor

Drive at safe speeds up to 30 km per hour, quick and safe transportation

Perfect for short trips and commuting to work

Plug in anywhere to charge, will go 50 km on charge

Pedalling and braking also charge the batteries

Cost to charge – about 10 to 20 cents per day

No oil changes or other maintenance, very low maintenance vehicle

Quality product, 1 year warranty

Intelligent, hybrid motor automatically assists pedalling

Easy to use and very quiet

Cost per year? equal to the price of a bus pass

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Hello zero emissions!

Posted by jllade on May 4, 2006

Electric vehicles are the future. The price of gas continues to rise and gas and oil are limited resources. Pollution also continues to get worse and air and water pollution threaten our health. Electric vehicles do not use gas of course and they do not pollute the air.

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