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Benefits of electric bikes

Posted by jllade on May 18, 2006

No gas to buy ever!

No exhaust emissions or pollution, good for the environment

Categorized by govt as bike, do not need license or insurance

Use bikes lanes, go around traffic jams

Free and easy parking anywhere

They are fun

Freedom, see nature and smell the roses

Pedal and it’s great exercise, good for your health

Get tired? Hills? Turn the throttle and use the motor

Drive at safe speeds up to 30 km per hour, quick and safe transportation

Perfect for short trips and commuting to work

Plug in anywhere to charge, will go 50 km on charge

Pedalling and braking also charge the batteries

Cost to charge – about 10 to 20 cents per day

No oil changes or other maintenance, very low maintenance vehicle

Quality product, 1 year warranty

Intelligent, hybrid motor automatically assists pedalling

Easy to use and very quiet

Cost per year? equal to the price of a bus pass


One Response to “Benefits of electric bikes”

  1. Ian said

    For the most part this is very good, but there are some concerns which need to be addressed.

    No maintenance? This is false, there’s maintenance it’s just different. Batteries need to be charged properly, which is a form of maintenace, or they fail prematurely. Batteries then have a certain number of charge cycles on average, then need to be replaced, and are generally expensive. Electric motors require lubrication. Brushes and other internal parts need to be inspected and changed. Also, modern batteries such as lithium ion and the like, contain platinum. Where do we get the platinum? From mining, which pollutes considerably. Then where do all the battery packs go once they fail? Hopefully the avoid landfills, but unless there’s sufficient recycling this will happen. Additionally recyling the battery parts takes a lot of energy.

    No pollution? That is false. Well first of all, where do you get the electricity? Most of BC uses hydro power, which is relatively clean, but hydro dams flood natural habitats, and other such areas which is a form of pollution; a scar on the landscape as it were. But BC Hyrdo doesn’t generate enough power at all times of year from the dams, so the rest of the time they buy power on the open market generated from coal and natural gas, which is a fossil fuel and pollutes. The only difference is the pollution is more centralised.

    Something to keep in mind, automobiles world wide currently use around 25-30 percent or so of global fossil fuel usage. Commercial traffic such as shipping, aircraft etc. use the rest. That means if every single car on the road were replaced with a vehicle like this, which is essentially impossible given the current requirements of motorists, you’d cut out at best, 30 percent. That is great, but by no means a replacement whatsoever. And, in terms of pollution, cars are cleaner than they’ve ever been, due to increases in industry and government environmental standards, so in many respects we are polluting less even though we are driving more. Honda, Subaru and a few other manufacturers are currently working with new engine designs which have emission levels lower than that of the average air level in more concentrated urban centres.

    All in all, these are a great alternative transportation that a lot of people could, and probably should use, but don’t jump on the non pollution, no maintenance, more friendly to the environment bandwagon. I don’t want to belittle the point of alternative, because it’s definitely an alternative, but by no means a complete replacement, or remover of pollution. In some ways they are better in those regards.

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